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Zero Residue Carpet Cleaning

Higens Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning offers oriental rug cleaning, carpet repair, upholstery cleaning, stain removal, spot dying and more. They are an IICRC certified firm with a strong commitment to professionalism, reliability, honesty, and integrity.

Many carpet cleaners leave a lot of soapy residue on your floor that will dry crunchy and sticky. This is because they don’t properly pre-condition, rinse, neutralize or blot.

Zero Residue

Zero Residue Carpet Cleaning is a process that ensures your carpets will not only be cleaned thoroughly, but they will dry quickly. This is the best way to protect your carpets from re-soiling and keep them clean for a longer time period. Using this method also means you will be avoiding any harmful chemicals that you and your family can inhale.

Often times, carpet cleaners that claim to not leave residue use low quality soaps and detergents to help emulsify the dirt & grime they are trying to get rid of from your carpet. Then they pump all that into their cleaning water with an injection jug or run off a tank of chemicalized water. That’s what leaves soil attracting soapy residue no matter what they advertise.

Zerorez uses a cleaning solution that is patented and has a platinum rating from CRI. This is a safe and non-toxic cleaning solution that will protect your family’s health. Their patented cleaning process also prevents mold and mildew growth.

Healthy Environment

Unlike traditional carpet cleaners that leave a concentrated vapor of chemicals in the air, green and organic carpet cleaners are healthier for you and your family. These vapors can cause many unpleasant side effects like sneezing, headaches, nausea, fatigue and asthma attacks. They can also aggravate preexisting conditions such as allergies, respiratory illnesses and even death.

Zerorez uses a revolutionary cleaning process, called Zr Water, that is free of soaps, detergents and harsh chemicals – which means your carpets will be left residue-free after their service. This will keep your carpets clean, healthy and fresh. They will also eliminate embedded dirt, mildew, pet dander and oil stains from your home. Their service can even help remove odors from urine, vomit and smoke without the use of chemicals. They also provide safe pet odor & stain treatment that is both child and animal friendly. They can also sanitize your tile, stone, grout, upholstery and wood floors.

Fast Drying

Many carpet cleaners use methods that leave sticky residue that promote dirtiness. This is caused by not incorporating quality techniques such as pre-conditioning, flushing, and rinsing. They may also mix soap with the water they are supposed to be using for cleaning. This results in a lot of soapy residue that will dry crunchy and sticky.

Other carpet cleaners flood your floors with high-temperature water. This can damage the fibers and seep into the backing. It can also wick up stains and smelly pet urine.

Zerorez cleans your floors without flooding them with detergents and water. This results in fast dry times, so your floors are ready to stand up to normal wear and tear again.

This company offers a variety of services, including carpet, upholstery, and rug cleaning. Its technicians are background-checked and insured. They also respect your home and its occupants. Their prices are reasonable and there are no gimmicks or hidden fees. They also offer senior and military discounts.


If you want to get your carpets cleaned, you should look for a company that uses environmentally friendly cleaning methods. Word of mouth is a good way to find recommendations, and you can also check online reviews to see how other people have responded to the company’s services.

Getting your carpets cleaned regularly will ensure that they stay healthy and clean. You’ll avoid dust mites and other harmful organisms that can cause asthma and other respiratory conditions in your family members. The best way to prevent this is to hire a professional who will use the proper cleaning techniques and equipment.

Zerorez offers affordable pricing on their services, and you can save money by bundling your services. You can also take advantage of the Zerorez $99 Special. This offer includes any two rooms cleaned. This is a great deal compared to their normal service call minimum of $120. You can even save more by booking your service in advance.

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